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SERVE is a business development firm that researches, sources, qualifies and pursues new business opportunities for its clients.


SERVE is made up of a network of trusted services providers in multiple countries, who support our clients in a range of areas.

SERVE's strategic partnerships, including in California and New York, give its clients access to the resources and expertise required to rapidly enter and scale in the highly sought after and competitive US cannabis market. 


Reavis Daniel Moore

Hayim Raclaw

Tamar Arnon

Jackie Mostny

Maya Glogowski

in memoriam

Michael Gosney (1953-2022)


2017 SERVE founded by Reavis Moore to provide business development services for Israeli companies looking to enter California and the US.  

2018 SERVE becomes iCAN Serve, the international business and scientific services division of iCAN: Israel-Cannabis, producer of the CannaTech conferences.

2018-19 iCAN Serve provides a range of services to 21 clients in 12 countries, including Constellation, AltriaHawthorne Gardening, and MMJ Group.

2020 SERVE is spun off from iCAN into a stand-alone company again. The firm begins providing services to psychedelics clients.

2021-2022 SERVE launches its Venture Studio business line. Its first co-venture, with SHE-RAM Technologies B.V. of The Netherlands, is Enlight Exchange, the psychedelics data marketplace and analytics platform.

Maya Glogowski
Jackie Mostny
Tamar Arnon
Reavis Moore
Michael Gosney

At the dawn of the Cannabis and Psychedelics eraSERVE is seeking local partners around the world. Please let us know if you are interested in joining our global network and collaboration.


We help our clients navigate the international cannabis industry, utilizing our expertise, relationships, and business intelligence, and drawing on the resources and extended networks of our partners, present in every meaningful cannabis market.

Collaborate with Leaders in Cannabis + Psychedelics 

We represent a select group of leaders and innovators from business, science and culture, and seek to match them with highly qualified entrepreneurs and companies as co-founders and C-suite execs.

We source and evaluate US opportunities for our international clients and support dealmaking. We also work with US clients seeking entry to the California market. Our ability to deliver these services are a result of expertise and relationships developed over a decade working in the California cannabis business.

California & USA

Business Development


Navigation Services

Let us help you navigate Israel's cannabis and psychedelics ecosystem. We are leading experts on the highly advanced Israeli cannabis industry, and the burgeoning psychedelics developments, including in research, medicine, technology, cultivation, and finance. As early movers, we have a unique understanding of the most credible and trustworthy companies and professionals. We're here to introduce, guide and advise you in Israel.




Initially focused in Germany and the UK, we represent and support the interests of our clients in Europe, via our trusted partner network there. We source and qualify European opportunities for our clients, and provide them on the ground presence.

Research & Business


SERVE provides qualitative industry research and business intelligence gathering for our clients, utilizing one on one interviews, focus groups and online communities; as well as sourcing, reviewing and analyzing existing data related to the client's research needs. 



The only way to acquire real knowledge about the nascent business of cannabis and psychedelics is to go out and collect it at the source, from the people building the industry. We came up in a time when knowledge was harder to come by, before Linkedin users started self-identifying (and self-incriminating) with cannabis. But we traveled and we met and we learned. And we found extraordinarily knowledgeable and trustworthy people, and built relationships with them. 


Time is the real teacher, and there is no substitute for putting in the countless hours it takes to become an expert in anything. And cannabis expertise is even more difficult to attain, as we had to learn and practice our trade while its still considered a criminal enterprise in much of the world. It's that level of hard won experience and perseverance that we call upon when undertaking international missions on behalf of our clients.


Our international network has been built by hand, one person and company at a time. And these are aligned and activated relationships, tested and true, with trust earned over time. This also means that along the way we had to say no to more people than we said yes to. And that's because our criteria is high and goes beyond business, as we only work with people we admire. This is why we can confidently recommend any of our international network partners to our clients. 




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